1 spoonful of this powder, obesity will remove

1 spoonful of this powder, obesity will remove

Triphala powder

powder, which is made Triphala or Triphala up of the ingredients of Amla, Hard and Bahera. Before making the powder, the three components are made of dry powder in the sun. Well these three things are very beneficial for the body, but Triphala’s powder has many benefits. Triphala relieves constipation, heals the power of digestion, enhances metabolism, enhances visualization, exits toxin of the body. According to Ayurveda it balances the extra kafa from the body.

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We have often heard about innumerable health benefits from consuming sweet potato, but do you know that not only consuming sweet potato but also eating it without eating it is very helpful in reducing your excess weight. Today, we are telling you about a research that has come to us that it can be helpful in reducing and nourishing our weight without eating without eating it.

In sweet potato, large amounts of dietary fibers and vitamins are found, calories are in small quantities and there is abundant water. These things help you lose weight. But do you know that even without eating the sweet potato, you can absorb its nutrients and reduce your excess weight.

A research published in the journal Helsos found that research done on rats found that after boiling sweet potato, there is very high protein in its starch wastewater, which consumed less fat levels and weight in rats. . According to research, the researchers originally tried to find a new way to use the water of sweet potato, so they examined the changes in the digestion of rats after consuming water used to boil the sweet potato.

Potato peptide (SPP), which is produced by enzymes that digest proteins in water. So a group of rats achieved its high volume, the second received a small amount, whereas the third group did not get potato peptide. After 28 days the researchers measured the weight of these rats along with their liver mass and adipose tissues. At the same time, they also examined cholesterol, triglyceride, leptin, and fat levels of these rats.

The results showed that the rats that got potato peptide (SPP) were both very low in fat and weight. At the same time they had low cholesterol and triglycerides, and high levels of leptin and adiponectin. This suggests that SPP works very efficiently in activating apatite and controlling lipid metabolism in rats consuming high-fat diets.

According to the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan’s Dr. Koji Shiguro, “we only whistle the water filled with protein, which is used to boil the sweet potato. In this research we found that this water plays an important role in body weight, adipose tissue and other factors.

How does triphala work

According to the publication of the study of the DARU Journal of Pharmacological Signs, Triphala speeds up the weight loss process. According to the study, consumption of 5 grams triphala can be reduced in just a few weeks. Also, you will be happy to know that your thick waist can be too thin. It also has no side effects.

How to use Triphala?

According to Acharya Balakrishna, mixing a teaspoon of honey with a small spoon (5 g) triphala powder should be done regularly for a few days.

Create such a mix

Take a small spoon of Triphala powder and take 200 ml of water in a vessel soaking it overnight (up to 8 hours). Boil this mixture in the morning the next day until the water becomes half. Remove from the flame and keep it cool to drink. This will make the powder sit in the foil. Now water the water or filter it and pour one teaspoon of honey in it and drink empty stomach every morning



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