Oily skin is a major cause of acne problem in men

Oily skin is a major cause of acne problem in men

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Acne problem

Men’s skin is very different from the skin of women, because it is thick and in this, the more number of connective tissues (collagen and elastin) make it more robust and elastic. But men may also have many skin related diseases.

Oily skin and large stomata can cause men with skin to skin acne. Because the stomata of skin in the skin becomes strained due to seabs and scum. Since men do shaving routine, there is an additional stretch on the skin, resulting in irritation, dryness and sensitivity. The problems of indigenous heirs and raser bumping also become common due to this. Therefore, men also need to adopt a skin care routine, starting with basics.

Men’s skin is more than 20 percent more oily than women, and there are large stomata, which is more likely to cause irruptions. Apart from this, it is common for acne to be due to hormonal changes in the body. Many times the changes of hormones are so unbalanced that due to excessive acne, the good facial color gets spoiled.

  • It is very important to always use good cleaner on face. Fash wash or liquid cleansers are not only for women but also for men and you should use them.
  • Repeated use of soap can cause the duror effect on your skin, especially if your skin is of a dry type, then use such soap in which there are elements of microsturizing.
  • Cleanser with glycolic acid or lactic acid, salicylic acid or benzene paroxide can be more beneficial as they contain antibacterial properties, as well as exfoliation properties for deep pore cleaning.
  • Men should try to keep their skin micrusted, because the skin gets dry from shaving. Your skin’s microsteising can vary from one skin type to another, while oily skin type people can use a toner instead of a microscope.
  • Dry skin needs heavy duty moisturizer. Light moisturizing can be used on the natural skin. A moisturizer with an alpha-hydroxy acid such as glycolic acid or salicylic acid proves useful in improving skin tone and quality.
  • Prevention of the most important sun protection for skin care. Over exposure to sunlight not only damages the skin but also creates the risk of skin cancer. So use enough sun protection SPF protection. Sunspin of 30 SPF, which blocks both UVA and UVB rays, can be beneficial for your skin.
  • Cover your skin while going out in the sun, using sunglasses is a better way of sun protection.
  • During the shaving, several cut or razor bumps are caused due to indigenous heirs. If shaving affects your skin, then your razor can be guilty for it. Both the electric and manual mail razors have their own characteristics and must evaluate them before using them.
  • Closer shave is made from manual razor because the blades reach near the skin, which can cause skin irritation. If you are often a razor bump, use an electric razor. It does not get close shave but it can irritate the skin evenly because it pulls the hair.
  • Some home remedies can also be avoided by mouth acne, the jamun kernels are rubbed in water and the acne is removed by putting them on the face. Mix some drops honey in yogurt and apply it on the face. This ends the silence in a few days.
  • Grind equal quantity of basil and mint leaves and mixing a little lemon juice in it, putting paste on the face gets rid of acne. The bite of the neem tree, and the acne on the acne also decreases.

By trying these remedies, men can avoid the problem of acne. These home remedies are usually completely safe and can be easily tried. But, still it will be better for you to know about the type of skin before trying them, so that you do not have any problem



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