Pimples in penis

Pimples in penis

Pimples in penis
Pimples in penis

Pimples in penis

  • Penis Pimples is a normal condition.
  • These are due to the closure of the oily glands.
  • Wash the penis well in such a situation.

Have you ever been penicillin … ???

Yes Then what did you do?

Did not … did anything …. He himself waited for himself to recover and he was fine after a few weeks.

If this situation has been done with you earlier then it is important for you to know the reason and treatment. If this has not happened before, know the cause and the treatment. Because these conditions can happen to anyone. So let’s read about all the essential information and treatments related to Penis Pimples in this article.

What’s the penis pimples

Most people complain about penicillin pimples. Some people consider it to be the side effect of excessive sexual activity. While some consider it to be an obstacle in sex action which really only causes obstructions. Because of these pimples, there is difficulty in friction during sex.

It is normal

There is no need to worry about these penis pimples. These pimples are normal. Why are pimples or pimples really? This is a result of obstruction of the olympines in the skin holes. It can happen in any part of the body. Like the grains in the face due to obstruction in the follicles of the face of the face, this is the same condition with the follicles of penis in Penis and complication of pimples in Penis. These pimples begin to finish or diminish after some time or in a week or two.

What to do

  • In this situation, first wash your penis well.
  • Put a lotion on the penis.
  • After applying lotion, wash the penis with light hands with the help of lob and fash wash.
  • Wear clean underwear now. Do not have sex at night.
  • Penis Pimples will get rid of the next day.

When is the problem

These pimples problem becomes when they become painful. When their size and number begin to rise, then you know that there is a problem of pancreatic ulcers. It would be better to contact the doctor in this situation.


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