Selfie makes your happiness doubly

Selfie makes your happiness doubly

Selfie has become a trend nowadays. In its catch, almost every man in the world today. And even more Prime Minister of our country, Narendra Modi, is very fond of taking selfies. You may have seen them taking shelves in many places. Selfie crazy is seen more in girls. You will also be seen on social media that girls wear self-dress by wearing different types of clothes and making pout. Well the boys also take selfies. But do so less than girls. Today we are going to tell you some such facts

  • Every girl thinks that how many people will pick her when she applies her selfie to social media.
  • While taking selfies, the girls think about how to get the best selfies
  • Girls often compare themselves to their favorite actress while taking selfies. And thinks that they are looking like him to a great extent.
  • Most girls think that they look more cute than the left side of the face. That’s why they take selfies from the same side.
  • If the women’s natural selfies have come well, yet they think that how will they feel if they are editing in it.
  • Girls never forget to read 10 start-up comments on their photos.
  • Girls, while taking photos, think that they do not seem to be the most useless and fat. That’s why they save from group photos.
  • When girls think that they are looking good, they only take selfies at that time.
  • Whenever a girl is very happy, she definitely takes selfies.
  • When girls think that these photos have come very well, they surely tag at least 4 people.
  • Whenever someone comments on any photo with selfies, she does not reply to it.
  • If a girl does not like any person and she comments on her photo then she is very happy instead of being angry.

A flood of selfies has come on the social site. Makes normal or special self-help with friends and fans through social networks. In this era of technology everyone has a smartphone which we keep with us for 24 hours. Want to capture every moment in the camera engaged in this phone. Self-photographing is called selfie from a mobile phone. This desire to capture every moment helps keep you happy. You have twice the pleasure of taking a smiling selfie from a smartphone and sharing it with friends. That is, if selfie is included in your habit then you are more happy and filled with positivity. This is not what we are saying but a research. Know about this in this article.

according to research

A research was conducted by Selvie and her happiness by the University of California of Irvine. This research shows that sometimes our gadgets can prove to be beneficial for us. They increase our happiness and give us the motivation to always be happy. This increases the positivity and we get better performance.

The University of California studied 41 people for four weeks to learn about selfie and its effects. It included 28 women and 13 men. During this study, everyone was asked to continue their daily activities such as going to school, meeting friends, doing office work, etc. During this time, the selfie was asked to record and the reaction to be done during that time. Three types of photos were included in this. Smiling in it and selfie influencing others. Apart from this, there was some selfie in which people’s self-confidence was showing more. This research proved that people who take more selfies smile while taking selfies, so that smiling becomes their habit and they are more happy.

Women and selfies

If compared to taking selfies, women are far ahead of men. According to a research published in the Daily Mail, women generally spend about 5 hours a week on smartphones with smartphones. Women in the age group of 15 to 25 years are more likely to take shelf life. During this, they take at least 16 minutes to take a selfie. That is, if happiness is compared to women, then women are looking forward to men, then now if you do not take selfies, then start taking now, because in it the secret of happiness is hidden. So take selfie and be happy



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