Titanus is a fatal disease

Titanus is a fatal disease

Tetanus is a deadly disease of the nervous system (nervous system) that extends from clitoridium bacteria called Tetenai. They enter bacteria, nails, wood, corrosion, iron wounds or worms caused by insect bites. When these bacteria begin to grow, a toxin is produced, which causes our muscles to sting. Gradually all the muscles of the body are affected by it, including breathing muscles and we start having problems breathing. If there is no treatment then death can also happen.

What is tetanus

Tisson is said to be a stage of intermittent cramping in muscular muscles. Tightness may occur if there is an infection in an injury or wound. On tetanus and if not treated, its infection can spread throughout the body. There may be many serious consequences of tetanus, although the good thing with this disease is that if vaccination is done after the injury, it gets cured.

Due to tetanus

Any injury, injury in road accidents and wounds of operation can cause tetanus. But having tetanus bacteria in the intestines does not cause tetanus. In the reasons for tetanus disease, the wound is the main. Especially where the amount of oxygen is low. This infection occurs from ‘titenospasm’. Tetanospasm is a deadly neurotoxin, which is derived from bacteria known as clostridium tetanei. These bacteria are found in dust, mud, iron powdered mud etc. When the wounds of the body come in contact with this bacteria for some reason, this infection happens. On the increase of infection, the jaw muscles first strike. After this there is difficulty in swallowing and then this infection causes tightness and cramps in the body muscles.

People who are not vaccinated for tetanus during childhood, they are more prone to infection. Titanas is a problem not only in India but all over the world. But there is a high risk of tetanus in places of humidity, where the manure is high in the soil. This is because because of the manure that is used in the soil, horses, sheep, goats, dogs, rats, pigs etc. are used in stools. And these bacteria are in abundance in the intestines of these animals. These bacteria have also been seen in people who work in fields.

Tetanus effect

This disease affects the brain, which causes seizures and then many important functions of the body stops due to paralysis. Such as respiration. At the beginning of the disease, there is heavyness around the wound. This is due to the local effect of disease-poisoning. The vital organs are paralyzed. Dying before treatment was very common.

Tetanus in newborns

In neonates, tetanus is not as clear as it is in the elderly. Do not drink milk, cry and seizures are symptoms of tetanus. Drawing one or both legs repeatedly, cramping in the hands or feet or having a force is a few symptoms.

Although this disease is caused by infections, it is not infectious disease. Infection does not spread from infected patient to another.



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